I offer TWO Tuition Plans:


Forty-four lessons annually, 36 during the school year and 8 required for the summer, added up and the sum divided into 12 monthly payments due no later than the first of each month.  This is a contract plan and early termination will result in the remainder of the year's fee being due immediately.

30-minute lessons = $86.17/month

45-minute lessons = $129.25/month

1-hr lessons = $173.33/month



36 lessons annually, all during the school year,  added up and the sum divided into 9 monthly payments due no later than the first of each month, September-May.  This is not a contract plan.

30-minute lessons = $110/month

45-minute lessons = $165/month

1-hr lessons =$220/month

Chamber groups:

~ Please ask for chamber tuition amounts ~

Fall Semester:

September 8th, 2015 - January 29th, 2016

Spring Semester:

February 1st, 2016 - June 10th, 2016


June 13th, 2016 - August 26th, 2016


Reviews straight from Yahoo! Local

By: Happy Parent (5 stars)
Do you ever wish that your child looked forward to their violin lesson each week and left smiling and feeling inspired? After my son joined Krista’s music studio a year and a half ago this has been our experience. Krista is a gifted teacher who creatively incorporates multiple teaching methods to explain musical concepts and passages, as well as to help solve technical problems. The teacher- student relationship has flourished because of Krista’s skill in teaching at my son’s developmental level. Her ability to incorporate a sense of humor in teaching makes the lesson time a fun experience and enables her to build rapport with him. She inspires my son to work hard by communicating excitement about the challenging music she selects for him and also by guiding his weekly practice goals to optimize his progress. Krista is committed to nurturing our son’s musical development by providing him the opportunity to participate in multiple recitals as well as a studio-sponsored master’s class. We feel truly blessed that our son has blossomed as a violinist during his time at Krista’s studio. In addition, we feel that his life has been enriched by spending time each week with such a phenomenal woman. We highly recommend Krista as a teacher and have no doubt that your story will mirror ours if you choose to join Krista’s studio.

By: Xiaoling (5 stars)
Krista is a great teacher. I have studied violin with her since last October. After seven monthes, I feel my playing improved a lot. Krista always concentrates on helping me with one or two technics at a time, over time, my playing techniques get built up and have been improved without too much difficulties. She also made the learning process being fun and relax, sometimes I came to lesson with frustration of not being able to playing a piece very well, she always points out the problem and find a way that works best for me to practice and to improve it, her lesson is a relief for my frustration. It is a great joy of seeing myself being able to play those beatiful music and getting better and better. I feel so lucky to have her as my teacher, I highly recommend her.

By: mom (5 stars)
This is a great music studio! Krista is a caring and dedicated teacher who goes the extra mile for her students. Highly recommended!